Proposed Central Florida chaper-Orlando

Hi Everyone,
Wanted to get a reaction on the energy for having a real Central Florida InterNACHI chapter in Orlando.
We have more than enough members to sustain a positive attendance for a chapter.
As some of you know we tried this years ago and it withered on the vine.
We have been working to start another Chapter in Orlando and surrounding areas, have the approval of Nick and want to know
the memberships enthusiasm for this.
We will be conducting monthly meetings with guess speakers and presentations of the desired subjects that the members wish
such as; legal, new construction products, thermal imagery, foamed attics and many more.
We will also offer a mentoring program for on-site inspection visits for new(er) or any members and report writing evaluations.
We will have officers that will be elected after the chapter is up and running and strive to advance the Home Inspection image and knowledge base in our area.
Of course the meetings will be open to all. We will also work toward a mutual positive impact on the states legislative atmosphere.
E-mail me with your desires for or against a Orlando chapter and suggestions. We do not want to start this chapter unless the membership is with us.
Thank you, Bill Smith

A chapter is certainly do-able and can work in the long term. Be prepared for lots of work, putting money in and criticism. Ultimately it is worth what you(as a group) put into it. call me if there is anything I can help with. 321-626-8153

Thank you John will keep that in mind and it is good to share Pros and Cons regarding what works and what doesn’t.


I would be interested and willing to help.