Southern Indiana Inspector

Glad to be alive. I had a scheduled home inspection two days after the owner had a propane tank installed. The owner also called in a furnace company to make sure the furnace was in good working order. As the client and I entered the house we smelled propane. We exited the house and I got out my leak detector. Twelve feet from the front door my detector was going off. We went to the propane tank and shut it off. In the meantime my clients wife called the fire company who responded and aired out the house. Were faith comes in there were so many senarios that could of happened. My client and his wife are both smokers, we could have caused a static spark when we entered, the kitchen fan was operating, etc. After about an hour the fire company gave me the OK to finish my inspection. I finished excluding the furnace from my report.

I don’t know if this has ever happen to anyone else, but I just wanted to make everyone aware if work is being done before the inspection use caution when entering the home. There was about 80 gallons of propane in this house.