Bank Owned with propane

I lost an inspection yesterday to an inspector that apparently carries a small BBQ type propane tank to bank owned homes and will connect with a regulator and light pilots.
Are any here offering this type service which is out side of our SOP and if so what risks and liabilities are involved?

Just waut until he puts Propane through a natural cas orifice!

THAT will teach him.

These things have a way fo working themselves out.

And, as Darwin stated, “stupid people have a way of dying in stupid ways”.

It’s called “Evolution in Action”.

We used to have a local radio host that called it “nature weeding out the stupid”

I’ve heard of a local inspector that carries a short piece of rubber tubing. He supposedly sticks it up his yoo-hoo then farts real hard while his assistant lights the stove burners and other appliances. I don’t think he’s gonna sell that service to very many folks but that’s just me.

I do not light any pilot lights period. Gas appliances may be secured for a really good reason. I can not count the number of times I have gone to a home after the gas service was restored only to find some serious gas leaks inside Air handler closets, around Watr Heatrs, in crawl spaces, in attics, stoves, etc. I have had agents act all incredulous as well when I tell them I do not light pilot lights, but Im still here and most of them are not because they did not make it in the business. They were the ones willing to do anything, say anything to make a sale. Adopt a standard and a policy and stick to it.

What Doug said. No lighting of pilot lights, no turning on of gas valves.

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