Space station/shuttle flying over.....

Most of the northeast at about 8:50 tonight, anyone else going to check it out?

Thanks Peter Still bright here do not think it will be dark enough in 6 minutes .
… Cookie

Still too much light in PA as well

Just saw it here in NH check again in 1 hour. It was very clear and could see two bright lights, one for the space station and the other is the shuttle, very cool!!!

I checked with the local TV station and it will be flying over the northeast again at app. 10:20 give or take a few minutes. It was somewhat low in the sky, just over the tree tops and looked like a plane but the lights where very bright and you could definitely see two lights. It came from the northwest and we were able to watch it for about 2 minutes or so.

This is the fourth time we have been able to see this, we have seen the shuttle twice and the space station once, this is the first time we have seen them docked together.

I remember watching the shuttle a few years ago at about 5:00 am as it came over central Texas and entered the earth’s atmosphere on its descent into Florida. It left a ionization trail behind it that glowed for a few minutes. Pretty amazing sight but I still want to see a live launch some day. Peter, see if you can get a decent digital photo with maximum zoom and a stable mount.

I tried with my hand held but all I got was black space, I am going to try with my daughters 35 mm on a tripod with the shutter speed slowed down.

Where can I find fly over times for north Louisiana???

Two days after your next hurricane. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure, I heard about this on our local news station. I would think you might be able to get info at NASA .com

I’ve been able to see it before but only because we live in a rural area with very limited light. We just saw it again a few minutes ago but it was so low in the sky it was brief and then went behind the trees.

It also depends on the time of year, once in the winter it flew almost over head and was visible for a longer period of time.

Try this one guys


Great Link!! Thanks Paul

Thanks Paul.

I will be going on vacation this weekend. I looked at this site and it gave me some great times for looking. I saw it on the last shuttle mission right after they seperated. We were able to see it for about 3 min. It was quite the site. Thanks for the web site info.

Hi to all,

I never knew it was visible from the earth, so I was very surprised to see this last night over FL


Seriously though I’ll break out the telescope for the 20th when it should be visible from here