Finally! After over 2 years

For over 2 years my Dad and I have been trying to both view the International Space Station (ISS) at the same time at over 1000 miles apart, I have an app on my phone (ISS Detector on andriod) which gives you a five minute warning when the ISS is about to come into your view. Finally, after dozens of attempts, cloudy here or cloudy there, we watched it fly over tonight while he was in Ohio and I am in south Florida. Very cool! Enjoy the full moon ‘cold moon’ Christmas tomorrow everyone!

Cool! How do you know where to look for it? Do you have to have a telescope?

My brother and I saw it once when it was in orbit with the shuttle. Could see it plain as day with our eyes. They looked like 2 bright lights. We saw the come up one side of the horizon, straight above us (looked pretty low) and then disappeared over the other horizon. Only a few minutes for the entire sighting, but it was very cool knowing what it was.

No telescope needed ISS is the brightest object in the sky next to the moon (under optimal conditions). Can’t believe I haven’t thought of this until you just posted Kenton, I want to try to get some pics. I’ve seen the rings of Saturn with 10x50’s, pretty sure I can get a pic of ISS although it is moving 28K(?) MPH.
This would make a spectacular photo contest!!

If you have an android device download “ISS detector” app. There have been several times when we both could have watched it fly over from where we both are located. That would be cool to view it someone in another country across the Gulf of Mexico!

Wow, there’s a ton of apps for that!
OK, I just downloaded ISS Detector Satellite Tracker. Loading…

Here Kenton…

Pretty much looks like any satellite.

You can see them every night by looking up just after sundown as the suns rays reflect off them in the night sky once it is over the horizon.

The app I have has a button that shows a map and where the ISS is currently visible from, if you’d like, text me on my smartphone at 614-746-2267 and we can watch it.:wink:

Kenton, I sent your Christmas gift to CO, just dawned on me they may not forward it, please post text or PM your snail mail address.

That’s a pretty cool thing to be able to share with your Dad. Had to chuckle at the cold moon reference. I’m in Upstate NY, was in shorts & short sleeves today not sure but close to hitting 70 today.

Was 67 in VT for Christmas Eve. Best gift to me. Enjoyed a family hot tub with a clear sky, great moon, Christmas music and Long Trail Ale. I don’t ever remember weather like this here at this time of year. Dandelions are even popping up.

Kenton did you see it fly over today? The sun had just gone down here, so it may have been to bright of a sky for you when it flew over.

awesome video

That was cool!

Will try to look for the station flying by sometime, it’s been unusually cloudy lately.

Wow, thank you Sam!
I couldn’t get that app to load, and then got distracted by holiday goings on. Best to send things to is:

Kenton Shepard
404 Hapgood St.,
Boulder, CO 80302

That’s my mother’s address.
InterNACHI is moving Jan. 8 and they’ll have a lot to keep track of. Snail mail in the US nail is fast compared to mail crossing the Mexican border. It’s not uncommon for letters and packages to take 4-5 weeks.

I’ll try another app.

We did again tonight, tomorrow is my Step Mother’s birthday so the family was all at at my Sister’s for a dinner party for her birthday. We all got to watch the ISS fly over from over 1000 miles apart. Talking to Dad, it was straight over top of us when it was “about a foot above the horizon” in Ohio. Everyone… especially the kids were all impressed how it can be viewed from such distances.

Very cool, Dave! Nice thing to share with your family…:smiley:

Except that it is the brightest object in the night sky under optimal conditions other than the moon. Sorry Robert, I forgot… everything you do is better:roll:
Does everyone (or anyone) in Chicago see satellites every night through the city lights?

It was very cool! The kids couldn’t believe it!

Nice quality time with your Dad even if over 1000 miles apart!