Split foyer vs. raised ranch

O.K. folks, I’ve got one for you… What the heck is the difference between a split foyer style and a raised ranch? Is there any difference or are they basically two terms for the same thing?

In MN, we typically call a “split” a home that when you enter, you come to a landing area and have to go either upstairs or downstairs to get to the living areas.
A “raised ranch” would be a “walkout” basement…if you enter from the front area, you’re on the living area level…if that makes sense. Then you’d have to go down stairs to reach the other living area.

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Thanks a bunch Gary… I checked this site out before but I didn’t find anything specific to a split foyer, only a split level… I’m familiar with the characteristics of the split level but I can’t find anything difinitive regarding the split foyer.

Hey Casey… Thanks for the reply. What would you call the home in this picture? I would call it a split-foyer (not split-level or raised ranch…)

It’s called a split entry here.

A split foyer has a separate section on the ground level between the house and garage. so it is essentially 3 boxes side by side.

Bi-Level, if you enter and can go up or down. Raised ranch is where the entry is on the main/upper level, and a garage is in the basement. Side to side split is when you walk in the main front door, and can go up or down to other levels from the side. This type typically has the main entry, kitchen, living room on this level; bedrooms are up, basement/garage down. There are different languages in other cities/states. Good links above. We also have front-to-back splits here, where the main entry enters into the living room, and you then have to walk up about 8 steps to the kithen, bedrooms, etc. From the living room/entry you can walk down 8 to 12 steps to the basement. There will be a test later.

It could have several different names depending upon your area, I used to do insurance inspections, and they would call this a bi-level with the built-in garage

In NY they would call this any one of the following, raised ranch, split ranch or bi level.

I have built homes for over 30 years and we made the following distinctions; (not including a full basement)

Ranch is a single story
(raised ranch has a basement or simply an elevated foundation due to sloping lot or building in a flood plane or ocean front).

Bi-Level or Split Level is simply where once you walk in the main foyer you either go upstairs or downstairs, basically two levels. Bi-Levels typically incorporate the garage into the lower level of the home. They became very popular during the 70’s & late 80’s.

Tri-Level is typically where your main entrance is at the middle level with steps leading up and down to 2 other levels. Popular during the late 60’s and 70’s. Used quite a bit with sloping lots.

1 1/2 story - 2 story where the 2nd level is about half the square footage of the first floor. Most inexpensive style house to build.

2 Story - self explanatory.