Split stranded wire and amperages

I researched the forum and found some info from several years ago, but I’m still a little fuzzy on the topic. Inspected a house that has what looks like stranded #8 Cu going into a 30 Amp breaker. On one connection some of the strands have been cut and others have been split to fit in the breaker. I’m not sure if this is acceptable. I suspect it isn’t since they had to cut some strands to get it to fit. I’m also not sure if the amperage is correct for the wire. Below the breaker is a 40 Amp breaker that has what looks like a #10 Cu stranded wire. This seems backwards. Any thoughts or education would be much appreciated.

Sorry, see attached photos.


It is not acceptable.


When you see this, it is an indication of an amateur installation and your radar should be up for other issues/shortcuts.


Hey Joseph, The house has Romex and NM-cloth type wiring throughout. Built in '53 there’s obviously 66 years worth of handyman wiring. I lost count of the number of improper splices, open junction boxes, uncovered switches and receptacles, etc. It’s a mess.

Yep, everyone’s Uncle, brother, father had a hand in that over 66 years. Sometimes those are exhausting inspections! Might be some knob and tube hiding also!
Good Luck Anthony!

The terminations on the 2P-30 amp CB are incorrect and need to be changed. Regarding the 2P-40 amp CB what is the load? If it’s an AC unit it may be code complaint. The other are right this one is a mess.

Looks like hair cutting too… call in Sparky!

Hey Robert, Thanks for the info. The 2P-40 amp CB is to an air conditioner with a 50amp max breaker on the data plate.

Hey Dave, I saw that haircut. That was my first tip. Thanks!

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As long as the (MCA) minimum circuit ampacity is 30 amps or less the #10 conductors with the 40 amp OCPD are code complaint.

This one threw me years ago. The over current protection is in the unit.

440.22 Application and Selection
(A) Rating or Setting for Individual Motor-Compressor. The
motor-compressor branch-circuit short-circuit and ground-fault
protective device shall be capable of carrying the starting current
of the motor. A protective device having a rating or setting
not exceeding 175 percent of the motor-compressor rated-load
current or branch-circuit selection current, whichever is greater,
shall be permitted, provided that, where the protection specified
is not sufficient for the starting current of the motor, the rating
or setting shall be permitted to be increased but shall not exceed
225 percent of the motor rated-load current or branch-circuit
selection current, whichever is greater.