Spray Foam Insulation in Electrical Panel

First time seeing this. Is this a safety/overheating concern?


In my opinion it is foreign debris and is not allowed in the panel, similar to paint over spray. Probably other problems as well, I’ll let the electricians comment.


I am not a chemist, so I will defer commenting to those that are.


Posting in the Members Only category won’t allow a few of our “resident” electricians post or give their comments. The Electrical Inspections category is open to all and usually where you will find Robert Meir and Jim Milby. Not to say any other knowledgable
Members can’t or won’t help you on this question. :wink:


Internal parts of electrical equipment, including bus bars, wiring terminals, insulators, and other surfaces, shall not be damaged or contaminated by foreign materials.


That’s a great idea I never even realized that. Thanks

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I sure wish we could get that fixed.

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None of those parts are in contact with the foam.

Conduits are required to be sealed when exposed to temperature differentials.

You wouldn’t consider this to be a foreign material inside the panel box?

Well it appears Non-Member Guest can post on Member Only forums… :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Did the OP change the category somehow? I don’t see a category listed now.

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Yes I was trying to open it up lol.


Lol, I didn’t know we could do that!

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It is that way for a good reason Ryan and doesn’t need fixed,people just need to post in the section they can get help in…You wont see me posting in the California home inspectors section for that same reason…

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When it comes to electrical issues though that’s probably a good idea. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I appreciate this forum so much. The people on other forums are so bloody toxic it’s disgusting and unfruitful.


I know what you’re saying. However there are a few key non-member contributors that I feel should get an “honorary membership” or something to be able to view some of the categories specific to their trade. For instance @jmilby and @rmeier2 have helped so many with their electrical knowledge, yet they can’t see questions that are asked in the members-only section. It isn’t to their benefit to give them access, it is to ours.


Yep, that’s not us! :wink:

there is a category specific to their trade…if the op posted the question there we would have already heard from these valued experts… he just plain posted in the wrong section…doing away with the members only section would be a major mistake imo…


True. But sometimes these questions come up in the emergency forum as well and the people most trained to respond can’t see it.

I agree 100%. My proposition is to give certain high-value contributing members, access to the members-only forum, not to do away with the members forum.


Well then all of us old contractors should have free memberships for our years of experience?..where does it end…just post in the proper section…no problem…oh wait …there was no problem to start with ,they fixed that years ago…