Spray Foam on Basement Walls

Need some advice…

I inspected a home yesterday that had the entire surface area of the basement walls covered with Spray Foam Insulation. The walls are stacked stone and the homeowner had it done to stop the moisture. The contractor sprayed everything. My question is: Does this type of insulation applied in an unfinished dirt floor basement need to be covered with a thermal or fire barrier? Everything I can find online points to the local building codes. Please see the pictures and let me know what you think. Thanks…

DSCN1061 - Copy.JPG

I see your scenario often. Basically, they insulated the basement walls, with hopefully the side benefit of a moisture barrier, which is a mistake (moisture has to go somewhere) and mold is a common problem from the trapped moisture. As you mentioned, it is a local thing regarding the fire/toxic vapor barrier. Some jurisdictions want it sheet-rocked, some don’t give a hoot. Observe and report. It’s all you can (should) do.

It maybe an issue with the insurance company. John

Seen it several times out away from the big city and there are no building inspectors for some of these areas.

There is a fire retardant (challenged) paint. I don’t know if it will take care of the issue completely, but it might make it easier on the insurance guy.

Put it back on the homeowner and insulation contractor. Report what you see and what may happen if it catches fire (black smoke, etc.). Recommend that the homeowner contact the insulation contractor and get, in writing, that it is acceptable left exposed safety-wise. I mean that is what he did…with the furnace down there? :shock: Personally, I would want it protected from fire for myself.

Thanks for all the replies… I did exactly what all of you said. Observe and report. I stated that the local building inspector and contractor should be contacted to insure proper procedures were followed. The owner did say that they did it to solve a moisture problem, so there’s a clue… Thanks again…

Did they do anything at the exterior to control the moisture?