Square D ARC Fault Recall

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I am not sure if anyone posted this before as I did not find anything on the search feature so it might be on the old boards but I wanted to post some of it here just in case.

Product Recall Information -

Square D Arc Fault Breakers Manufactured between March1, 2004 and September 23, 2004 are the Arc Faults being recalled.

Ok…Why did I post this again… it was posted last year so the reason I am posting it is to show some model numbers and things to look for.

Here are the products affected :


Just a note…the TEST button on those models are BLUE…

Ok…the Identidying Date Codes…when you see one of these you think is one from the recall…remember to check the date code…

" To identify if a product was produced during this timeframe, you must find the product date code, STAMPED IN RED ON THE BREAKER LABEL located just above the wiring terminal."

"If the date code on the arc fault circuit breaker matches one of the date codes listed below, please follow the procedure I will also post below:

Affected Date Codes : CN, DN, EN, FN, GN, HN and JN

Note: Arc Faults produced before 3/2004 ( AN, BN ) or after 10/2004 ( KN) are not affected. Also breakers that carry the date code BEFORE CN are in compliance ( AN,BN and any date code ending in “L” or “M” )

OK…if you find one…refer it to an electrician ASAP…They will replace it and test it and return the recalled one to the Square D retailer.

Important note: While the AFC FAULT function of the recalled items is the problem…they still aoffer the same protection of Short Circuit and Overload Protection as a standard breaker…However they are ARC FAULT for a reason and should be replaced ASAP…

Just in case you run into one guys…figured I would post some numbers for you…:slight_smile:

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I read this last year, but forgot all about it, I bet there are 1,000’s out there that never got replaced.




Heck yeah…If you think the electrician’s who wired homes from March to September of 2004 are going back to replace them…think again…Sad Fact is probably 90% or more of the breakers during that time frame as still in use…

Good information Paul…thanks.

Actually…I should clarify…other models in that era may be BLUE also…I used BLUE just to be a instant notice of a Square D model…then going that extra step to check the ID codes and so on is important…

I don’t know if they changed any colors after that…but use the BLUE to give you FIRST notice…then investigate more beyond the color…:slight_smile:

But YES…all of the affected models I can guarantee have a BLUE button…:slight_smile:



I was called responsible today !

Customer is an investor located in California. Bought a home built last year here in Florida. I had completed the New Home Warranty Inspection last week and had sent the report to him. I went back and looked at the photos I had taken of the Electric Panel. Sure enough, after blowing them up, there they were ! AFCI’s that are on the recall list. I knew those blue test buttons sounded familiar. I sent a follow up letter stating the recall on the AFCI’s. The Builder will be replacing the AFCI’s at all of the homes in the development.
The investor was so happy he sent me an e-mail stating that I was responsible. Next week someone will bring me back to earth, I can feel it coming…

See…You just never know…Thats why we post these things…:slight_smile:

Some interesting news about AFCI testers… You cannot rely on any brands of testers at this point to properly test AFCI’s … I will find the UL article and post it “shortly”…

Some of these testing devices are not UL tested or approved either…Scary… Use the test button on the AFCI instead of your Testing device.

Here is a Square D blurb about testers…

Be careful not to jump the gun on these recalls as the recalls in question were made in 2004. Make sure that the the following codes are visible above the connection:Affected Date Codes : CN, DN, EN, FN, GN, HN and JN

I called one out that I though said HN, but actually said HH as the label was slightly torn. Good luck!

Picture 154 (Small).jpg

Picture 154 (Small).jpg

Picture 154 (Small).jpg

Since I’ve only found AFCIs in the electric panel, I disclaim them and do not test them. I want nothing to do with having to reprogram all the equipment in all the bedrooms; my inspection protocols do not include testing outlets that have stuff plugged into them, including GFCI outlets.

I do educate my Clients about regularly testing such outlets and circuit breakers.

I agree (same for GFCI receptacles)… good advice … :!:

Even better advice … :wink:

I agree with you RR on that… :smiley: Just passing along the information from the MFG on proper testing methods since the AFCI testers with the exception of:
are NOT reliable ways of triggering the AFCI via remote means.

Not endorsing anything here or getting any royalties for this link. Been hearing a lot about bogus UL tags and false claims on AFCI testers. This unit above proves it has a valid UL label since you can trace it back to the UL site. :smiley:

The push for 2008 to have all new homes "completely " AFCI protected is the next battle in the mix… Get your margarita and pizza ready…“LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE”…:smiley:

When you get the chance , check out Joe Tedesco’s link on a house fire caused by an electrical recepticle…in the living room!.. Everyone is pushing for complete AFCI house protection in that video…

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Again…great for the newbies…

Thank you for the heads up, im sure we will see alot out there.
Will they be updateing this information through the ICC commisions for the coming year, I just bought the NEC 2008 . Im going to review the section. and if so will we be notifyed by anyone if changes are made. Where would we be able to go to see if changers where made, for further updates.

Generally recalls will be something that when it happens it will FLOW down like RAIN…their has been no recalls since that issue with Square D.

The AFCI to be released on Jan 1, 2008 ( newest compliant version ) is the best the industry has to offer.

I just came accross this post. I have these in my home. Since I built the home they said take them to Home Depot for a swap. Thanx for this info. I will be reviewing all my inspections for this recall.