Square D Fuse Panel

Original Installation of a Square D Fused Main Panel (1962)

No Modifications or Upgrades. Original to day of Construction.

Those fuses dont look original. Did you check wiring sizes.

Down here, 90% chance they would have to replace it to get insurance.

hmmmm… a well conditioned fuse panel is every bit as safe as a circuit breaker panel…granted they usually do not have the space and utilization as a circuit breaker panel…but if in good condition and sized correctly a fused panel is fine…

Like we said before…i guess insurance agencies can have it their way I guess.

I am sure the fuses have blown a few times over the last 40+ years.

Price of the home reflects the need for upgrade of Panel, Service and Interior Wiring.

joseph…just curious…what was the sale price?

Home has been on the market for over 1 year.

Price was $350,000.

My Client will purchase this home for $275,000.

1962 / 4 Bedroom / 2 Bath / 2 car Garage / 2 Fireplaces / 1 acre lot.

Most electric inspectors I’ve talked to, like fuses. No long amps verse time factor, like [some] breakers. However, I’ve read too many ‘lessons learned’ reports after fires about how home owners make there own fuses from pennies or metal foil. So it’s protecting the insured against their own thinking.

One friendly suggestion for the home owners, have the fuse sizes listed on the inside door list. Helps them keep straight what to use. :smiley:


P.S. Following post made me think, does the photo suggest type-s fuses, I thought it did?

You should advise any new owner to install type S adapters in the fuse panel and be sure they are properly sized to the wire. Then you have a very safe installation. Pennies and home made fuses are not a problem, you also are forced to use the right size. For most people a handfull of fuses are a lifetime supply. If you are blowing fuses you have a problem that should be addressed.