45 year old panel

even an FP.

Fuses and breakers. What is #1 below the disconnect?

Range. The 3 pullouts are range, dryer, and AC.

If the fuses are of the proper sizes then this is one of the safest panels one will ever see

Thanks, I saw the pullouts as breakers (older, tired eyes) and I agree with Mike:

Exactly many think Breakers are safer then fuses ,

I agree.

I also agree. Yet if you listen to the insurance agents down here in Florida, they make it sound like these panels are a life/safety threat!


Unfortunately, in the wrong hands, they can be a “life/safety threat.”

I agree too. I have had electricians tell me more than a few times that these work first time every time and leaves no doubt unlike some breakers.

I think it’s a great looking panel, especially installed in 1967. No rust, corrosion, burn marks, etc. Correct size breakers, clean wiring.

I was quite surprised when I pulled the cover off.