Square D QO double-tapped

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I’ve run across a Square D QO series panel with some double-lugged breakers. It appears to have the proper screw plate with the two channels that allows it to be safely double tapped. However, I can’t find any labels that say “1 or 2 conductors…”.

Strictly speaking, the code says a double tap is OK only if there is manufacturer labeling. Does this mean I ought to call this out, even though it seems to be the type that it’s OK to double tap?



Need a good clear photo

Do not call these out just because you could not see the labeling. Have the specs for SQD breakers on hand if you need them.

The code says, “used in accordance with any instructions included in the listing or labeling.”

As long as they are listed for two wires, they need not have a label to that effect. All is well!

Edited to add: “Labeled” means it has a mark like UL or CE.

Thanks all. Unfortunately I don’t have a good photo of this one. It definitely had the channel plate under the lug.

How can I look up the listing? Square D website?

Type QO breakers are listed for one or two conductors within a certain range. You can find this on the Square D website. Also if you access to a CB you can see the diagram on the side of the breaker.

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You can find the mfr data at SquareD:
QO™ and QOB Miniature Circuit Breakers | Schneider Electric

15-30a are listed for 2.

Is this what you are describing, Mike?

Sometime there is a small label description, too. Sorry my pic got cut down:

Thanks everyone very much. I wasn’t aware of the listing ranges. That’s going to be very helpful, since those labels are sometimes almost impossible to read.

The indicator is on the side of the breaker. Being familiar with breakers also helps.

Yes, exactly Larry. It seems there isn’t always a label, but that pressure plate is what mechanically enables the safe double tap, so that is what really matters I would think.

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i know this thread is very old. But i learned something new today and thank you all

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CE is meaningless in the US it is a manufacturers self certification in the EU.

Here is a list of NTRL’s