Double-tapped Square D

I wanted to double-check myself- Found a double-tapped 15-amp breaker in a Sq D panel… it’s hard to get everything in 1 image, but from the label, this Type QO breaker is not rated for 2 conductors, right? Thanks!

Yes QO is fine with those two conductors.

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Looking at the terminal, I would say rated for two. Looking at the label it shows a single…

Thanks, I didn’t notice that.

I’ll change pictures.

Exactly why I was questioning… could it be mislabeled?

Robert is correct.

Read page 7…
Or just look at the attached chart from SD.

I understand all that - the breaker actually has what looks like the double connector (although I can’t get a good image of it), now I guess I’m just hung up on the label. The label shows it is rated for one wire, not two…

This panel was installed in 2005. Was the label different at that time?

i’d mention the wire not being properly installed under the tensioning clip
have sparky assure that & torque is proper

What label, the one in the photo? That doesn’t apply to the number or type of conductors. If you follow that then you cannot use stranded conductors either. The side of the CB also shows the conductor combinations. Look here at the 360° view and you can see the side of the CB.

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This is what’s on the side.

Isn’t this showing the same information?

Obviously, I can’t pull the breaker to look at the side, but no - the label does not show the 2 conductors shown in your 2nd image, Marcel. It shows only 1.

I know, I posted that to get an answer from Robert. The label on the picture I posted shows that it is allowed for double lugging, and the side view of Robert’s breaker is only showing one. So I am not sure what he is indicating other than the fact if there is no label, it shows you on the side of the breaker.

I guess my confusion is - do I believe the double lug that is there, or do I believe the label? I think it’s obvious the double lug allows for 2 conductors, but that label… ??? If I call it out, this is the only real issue for this house, for a 1st time buyer… a kid moving out of his parents’ house for the 1st time! And some electrician comes along and throws me under the bus for calling it out!?

Or I don’t and this 15-amp circuit gets hot because of it…

My opinion looking at your picture is that that particular breaker is only good for one conductor. But I am not an electrician.
If there were any other non-compliant issues in the inspection, pertaining to electrical, I would just recommend a qualified electrical contractor to evaluate and repair any issues. That being one of them.

The blade under the screw just doesn’t look like it is made for two conductors.

That type of Square D breaker allows two conductors. I’ve installed a few panels like that and have inspected hundreds. Move on.

Chris, so why does the information on the breaker show only one wire?

Maybe identifying it as one pole/terminal, but still allows two conductors.

Is a QO breaker rated to accept 2 conductors under 1 terminal ?

If that is the case, there are a lot of HI’s out there calling it wrong.
I had always looked at the pressure plate to see if it was made for two wires, never paid too much attention to the labels.

Hope others pay attention to all the posting on this subject.

That label is indicates that only one aluminium or copper conductor is allowed in a certain size range but two copper are allowed in a different size combination.

The side label will show the size ranges and numbers allowed.