Stab-lok panel


I’m a new inspector, and I’m in the process of doing some mock inspections. I have found a FP Stablok panel on a new home built in 2009. Is this a major concern?



WARNING! You are not to remove this panel because it exposes the service area.
The authority having juristiction has not given the OK.
And they are dangerous according to most InterNachi Inspectors.
Even if they are in new condition they still have the same problems.
I do not like that the service portion is on the bottom also.

You have a Federal Pacific panel which is legal, but there is a possibility that the circuit breakers may not trip when shorted possibly causing an electrical hazard. Opinions by licensed electricians on this panel varies between safe and unsafe. I recommend you consult a licensed electrician for an opinion and correct if necessary.

Ken - I will assume you are in Canada as your profile is incomplete.

These are commonplace in Canada.

Kevin - can you explain your response? Why would an inspector remove the panel?

This is Federal Pioneer ! Been around for about 50 years I have used them , been around them , never seen a problem yet . If you are in doubt with any panel (regardless of brand) you should never remove the dead front . Now I have seen a Siemans blown apart . , have seen one with a breaker parted in two pieces . Any panel can be dangerous !

A new inspector should not remove the dead front cover.
Seasoned and trained in proper electrical schooling with proper safety equipment is OK on some panels and not OK on others.
This is part of the training process.:smiley:

Yes, I’m in Canada. I did not remove the Deadfront, would this be common pratice on this type of panel? It looks like the design of the breakers makes removing the Deadfront a bit of a problem as they extend over the Deadfront.

Thanks for all your help!



Still manufactured and approved in Canada .
I expect there is a difference from USA panels .
I have a 200 amp in my home no big deal . Roy

OK would you report the “Stab-lok” issues in the report or not mention it?



Are the Canadian FPE’s profoundly different than the firestarters that we have here in the US?

Apparently so :smiley:

I’ve seen no difference in designed components - same key-holed bus bars, same Stab-lok breakers - but Canadians are still installing these things in new construction. Although they are now Federal Pioneer.

So I’m guessing that they’ve changed some elements of the design to fix the problems we have with the equipment from the 60’s and 70’s.

What issues there are approved in Canada .

I do report size and manfacture of all panels .

The answer is NO report ,and do not mention it .

I have seen no reason to say any thing.

Federal pacific here in the US. You have Federal Pioneer. In the US the UL carefully looked at the federal Pacific breakers and there associated problems. After review, they did NOT revoke the UL rating, contrary to what most believe. I report that these panels have been known to fail to open under heavy load and also fail to open when manually turned off. This is really all I can say, as that is the extent of what UL found and what I have experienced. Additionally, the problem was limited to specific sizes of breakers ( size I cannot recall).