Federal pacific

Have a federal pacific 200 amp main service disconect. Should it be reported on as needing replacement? Panels have been replaced.

Why did you see any thing wrong with other then the name .
Looks OK to me .
.So I see no reason to report it.
If it said SQ D on the out side would you be asking this question

Probally not ,just wanted to hear from some others to see if the name scared you.

Many here are “scared” of the name, so don’t be surprised when someone jumps in and calls it a latent fire hazard.

Disregard any such response and look at the panel/disconnect for yourself.

In this particular instance, I see no reason to give this disconnect a second look.

There’s nothing “Stab-lok” about this panel/breaker. The ones that had “issues” were the Stab-Lok type. FP made other panels that didn’t use stab-lok breakers.

What are your concerns with stab-lok and what do you say about them .
Thanks… Roy

Thanks I appreaciate the response. Only issue was the name, everything else was good. CMA

The insurance company may have a problem with it if you did a four point.

Some times there is just no way to win. This was on my mind, but I was only doing the home inspect today. With no defect to the discount there is nothing to report, with insurance it needs reporting. Thanks

Stab-lok FP breakers were known to overheat and not trip under a fault. When I see them in a home I just report that it is working or Not and give a link where the customer can read some info on it for themselves.

Gee would you post that link so we can all see this information . Thanks . Roy

Roy, here is an article I reference to clients.

Judging from the size of that it appear to only be a disconnect switch and not an OCPD.

looks like a service disconnect to me…200 amps…and it was off next to the meter. Looks like the service breaker to me.

Please research the info you’re passing off to your clients. The site you provided in your subsequent post is full of misinformation and unsubstantiated allegations.

You’re probably right. The very small form factor for 200 amps threw me off.

Jpope. Thanks but I do my research. I also send other links to my clients like

I give them a lot of info. on this matter.

My opinion on this matter comes from experience as I have been part of test groups that have done test on this matter during my apprenticeship as a Union Electrician, which I have been for the past 18 years, and have found evidence of these circuit breakers carrying more amps then the rating should allow and not tripping. I have seen it first hand.

When I come across a FPE Stab-lok panel I report that the panel is either in working order or not. I also carry an amp probe to check these circuits and make sure all branch circuits are not carrying a higher load then the breaker is rated for.

Exactly. The cover could not be removed with out touching the throw, when it touched it, it tripped.

This could be a safety device so people do not remove the cover with the electricity on.
Some are designed that way.

I’m glad to hear that you’re at least giving them both sides of the story, but as I said, that other site is full of bad information and is designed to nothing more than scare the crap out of consumers.

With your experience as an electrician I would guess that you’re qualified enough to make a proper assessment of panels regardless of their brand, and since you’re from Jersey, I’m sure you’re well aware of the UL violations with FPE in the past. New Jersey is unique in that respect.