Stair building Rules???

What are the rules or code for stair risers both indoor and outdoor.

Specifically, this home has stairs going to the second floor with open risers, obviousally a safety concern. There are aslo similar stairs to the basement and the basement is semi-finished.

Input please.



I believe the maximum allowable opening between risers is 4".

An excellent document that I have stored at About Homes:

[Visual interpretation of the 2006 IRC stair building code.]( 9734.pdf)

See photo 17.

My memory is not so bad after all :slight_smile:

In every report I identify any discrepancies in accordance with current stair construction standards as I do not know the dynamics of the family going to live in the house.

The only stair system that should be rebuilt to standard is new construction. I have had this done several times (one time myself and the selling agent fell down the stairs during inspection). Make a note of any deficient season and indicate in my report that remanufacturing/upgrade is not the responsibility of the seller and if this is a concern , they should consider buying another house.

Does anyone know the minimum distance required by code at the top of a flight of stairs just inside an exterior door? I.E. floor space at the top.

36" minimum landing or floor on both sides of the door.

On both sides or total? I thought it was total. As in a hallway.