Stairs from yesterday

What do you think.



Hi Greg,

I may be wrong here, but those balustrades may be a little more than 4 inches apart :wink: plus I hope that that window has safety glass.

After a second look at the picture I am guessing that the lower part of the staircase has no safety rail at all?



There is no nosing on the stair treads, and my guess is that the rise and run are not properly proportioned. Multiply the tread depth, exclusive of any nosing, by the riser height, and the product should be between 70 and 75.

Ahhh…3 x 24 = 72…close enough?:stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a $7.00 railing to me.

Come on Larry, it is 8 x 9 =72, Ahh, or is it 9 x 8 = 72?:mrgreen:

They just did not use these stairs on Friday nights.

If they did, they had the safety blinds in the window anyways.

Marcel :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Safety blinds…I didn’t realize that was why they called them that…I like it.:smiley:

I can not cite any reference but I am under the impression that
the allowed alternative to less than four inch spacing of balusters is spacing them greater than nine inches apart. Th

How about these?

Wouldn’t conform to current codes, but may have been legal when they were built.

The building code inspector must have been wearing a parachute!

Note the wear abuse on the upper handrail.
My guess is the occupants never made it to the bottom in an upright position and the cororner or EMT’s scrapped up the remains at the bottom landing. Thus no need for or wear on the lower section of handrail.

Stairhell not well

I’ve had an inspection that had stairs just like your second picture. But the owners devised a hinged hatch system “door” that you had to open to come up or go down, and when shut you could walk over the hatch. Pretty ingenious (sp). Wish I took a picture of it.


Classic…just classic!!! :mrgreen:

Your pictures remind me of the stairway of the first house I can remember as a kid (thats a little over 50 years ago) . . . I still remember you had to be careful going up as well as down . . . you helped bring back old memories, think my little sister only fell down them once or twice and she lived to tell the story.

Growing up, I remember a neighbor of ours who had a steep set of stairs leading up to the attic. These were about 18" wide, with NO railing! We kids used to love to play on them, pretending we were walking a thin mountain ledge. It’s a wonder we didn’t break necks, as we occasionally had to jump to keep from falling, especially if we were playing “king of the ledge.”(8\)