Would call this out???

Stairs without handrails and balusters. Stairs well 30 inches off the floor, would you say anything about these being a safety hazard?

Thanks! In advance for the input.

Call it out as missing guard rail and move on.




Thanks! I did. The local AHJ, says it meets C***.

Without a doubt. . .

would never meet any widely accepted standard. Must report.

I think AHJ must be so full of cr*& his eyes are brown:roll:


Agree!!! I did my job.

Definite hazard

Good for you! Definite hazard.


Yep, child safety issue.

Yes, see that often, but common does not equal safe. :mrgreen:

I like that…

“Often does not equal safe”

Thanks for that:)

I would also call it out

The following link is a handy visual.


Call it a fall/trip hazard. Take a picture of it if you have to.
Document it and move on to the next step in the inspection.
(Pardon the pun)

I think it does meet code. But it still isn’t safe for children or the elderly.