Stairway Inspections

I am taking the 120-hour licensing course for Florida and have a question about the Means of Egress course. It says the minimum tread depth on a staircase is 10". Is there a maximum allowed tread depth? I know I have encountered stairs that are really deep and require taking giant steps or baby steps to traverse them. Any thoughts?


I think in this paragraph, * Lighting is poor, shadows are numerous, or the corridor leading to the stairs is dark. It’s helpful to have a light switch installed at the top and bottom of each staircase. ( where the stairway has six or more risers.)


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There is no maximum tread depth, but there are minimum tread depths.
10" for residential and 11" for commercial.
Hope that helps.

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210.10 (A)
(2) Additional Locations. Additional lighting outlets shall be
installed in accordance with the following:
(3) Where one or more lighting outlet(s) are installed for
interior stairways, there shall be a wall switch at each floor
level, and landing level that includes an entryway, to
control the lighting outlet(s) where the stairway between
floor levels has six risers or more.

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