Home Inspection Practice Test Page 20 Question #28

Hi All…

I am working thru the 2,095 sample questions as part of my preparation for the South Carolina Home Inspector’s License exam which I will be taking this Thursday, 9/8/17.

The sample question is below with the correct answer being number 4, a maximum rise of 8 inches between treads

***Proper stair design includes ___________.

  • a maximum tread width of 9 inches
  • a stairwell width of less than 44 inches
  • headroom of at least 5 feet and 6 inches
  • a maximum rise of 8 inches between treads***

Everything I have read gives a maximum rise of 7-3/4 inches. What am i missing ?

Thanks for any help…

Also if anybody in the Myrtle Beach area is looking for a home inspector trainee please let me know. I have a back ground in construction and hold a current unrestricted Massachusetts Construction Supervisor’s License.

Thanks again

Let’s call the answers a,b,c, and d, starting at the top

Stair treads must be:
-No less than 10" deep (nose to back), so answer “a” would not cut it.
-No less than 36" wide (side to side), so a 44" wide stair would be in compliance. “b” is looking good.
-Minimum headroom is 6’8", so “c” would not be correct.
-Have a rise of no more than 7-3/4", so “d” would not be correct

The correct answer is “a stairwell width of less than 44 inches”

Correct design would not include any of the other three.

Is your answer key telling you different? I had that experience as well.

Hey William…

The correct answer according to the test is

a maximum rise of 8 inches between treads

which is incorrect…Thanks for confirming…

I have been surprised by a couple other exam question answers before…

Will post more if I find any other head scratchers…

Thanks again


Be careful about posting these questions from your study material. I’m not sure what the copyright ramifications might be.

It’s hard enough passing these exams when you are given proper study materials. I had to get my training on-line (not ideal, but I was caring for my aging father and could not leave the house every day for a month), which was full of mistakes and sloppiness, both in the presentation of the content and study review.

On the plus side, such booby traps could prompt a diligent student to dive into the code books to find out the answer for themselves, improving their knowledge and giving them confidence. If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to get the latest edition of Code Check Complete and consult it first when you encounter questions or confusion. Another bonus of this approach is that you will pick up other information as you make your way to the information you are seeking.

Best of luck, and study your a** off!

Hi William,

Just saw your reply. I did study my a** off and I am so glad I did. The test was much harder than I thought it would be but I did pass.

South Carolina Home Inspector License # RBI-49149.

Still studying everyday and you are right about picking up other information when doing research for something else, happens all the time.

Thanks again for your help…