Standing seam metal roofing pitch

What is the lowest slope that standing seam is able to be used on successfully? It is an open porch roof.

Thanks for the help.

Here I find 1/2:12 pitch:

Question:[FONT=Times New Roman]**What are the pitch requirements for a metal roof? **[/FONT]
Answer:[FONT=Arial]Amazingly, quite low: as little as 1/2:12 (1/2" to the foot) for standing seam metal roofs - a definite benefit for many low-pitch applications. Most other roofing systems require minimum pitches of 3:12. [/FONT]

Others have input?

Most require a 3/12 and point out the reason why is proper water drainage. I would say that since you are talking a porch I would make it this way to prevent hidden damage under the screw attachments. I have seen info of ones designed for 2/12 but only with proper drainage under the standing seam design which adds more cost than doing it correctly. In your area you would have to take into Account the snow load if you went under 2/12.

Can you expand on this, Kevin, or supply links for additional information?

I will also add that the company website you put up has photos and not one of them has a application for under 3/12.

I wish I could Larry. I can’t track everything I Learn as I have 1000’s of hours.
I will say that number 15 or 30 felt is not used but a direct applied membrain over lapped and sealed is under the low slope application.
There is an example here but problem is they used blue skin WP 200 and let it age in the sun when this is not designed to be exposed for roof applications.

The allowable pitch appears to have more to do with the height of the standing seam and how the seam is fastened.