Tile on 1:12 pitched roof?

Does not look good to me. I was able to move one tile to reveal 30# felt underneath. Is there something more that I’m not seeing, that makes this okay?

Bet it depends on what’s under it.
Hmmm does look like it needs some sort of flashing - gutter over at that wall intersection.

Hey Bob, In the detail picture at the left tile you can barely see the flashing below the stucco.

I don’t see lot of tile roofs but IMO it’s too “flat” unless it has proper underlayment.

Of the 3 manufacturer’s instructions I reviewed 3:12 is the minimum.

“On low pitches, from 3:12 to the standard
recommended product minimums, it is required to
apply a self-adhering modified bitumen membrane
or waterproofing underlayment, such as CertainTeed
WinterGuard™, on the entire deck. Adequate
ventilation will be required.”

“Ludowici Roof Tile recommended minimum slope
requirements are 3:12, 4:12, or 5:12, depending on
style (see Chart 2.1). No clay tile roofs are to be
installed below a roof slope of 3:12.”


Looks like more than 1 in 12 from the picture.

Tim I see the flashing.
Yeah agree it looks closer to 2 in 12.

Some situations that are iffy I look at history and test of time to not go nuts figuring it out.
Hopefully a cal or Florida guy will show up as I never get clay tile.

Had a small metal roof rusted with Water Intrusion today though.

Look at the close up Paul. That top drip edge running level and the tile dropping about an inch in a 1 foot run…

30# seems frugal, have seen installs like that approved by AHJ with cap sheet under them and roof/wall flashing at sidewall, I only see the birdstop at course perpendicular/above?

Patio cover or similar porch assumed… even at 2/12 kinda low pitch and a somewhat more significant underlayment system would have been of benefit… unless of course you were looking at one of two layers of paper/felt. However, what looks like lack of flashing at sidewall under birdstop is suspect.

Yep, looks like 1 in 12 on the closeup.

I have repaired tile roofs and have not seen any at that low a pitch.

If it doesn’t leak I guess it is what it is, but when it goes it will not pass any code I know of if the slope and materials stay the same.

Even with a full Ice and Water underlay its not enough slope.

What are you going to do about it?

That tile is considered decorative only (Tile Roof Institute) and 30 lb is inadequate as the primary moisture barrier.

Are those 4 tiles loose ?

Check with the manufacturer of the tiles. The installation instructions will tell you the minimum pitch then can be used on. Can almost guarantee that they are not allowed on a 1:12 pitch

good catch. I would consider the tiles “decorative”, and be concerned with the underlayment.

Interesting. The buyer followed my recommendation to have a roof inspection and the roofer who did this install came out and says he did a torch down at the low pitched roof under the decorative tiles.

That’s not what I saw…

Yes those tiles are loose. Had another one last week where EVERY tile I pulled slid down and I was able to pick them up in my hand. Must have checked 10-15 of them. Nails were either missing or rusted away. Roof was 20+ years old on a 1500 sq. ft. home. Lots of tiles slid 3" and more.

Good eye Darrin. Not a lot of 30lb torch-down out there. Always better to get a roofer out there who didn’t do the original install.