Start-up tool kit

Just wondering what would be a good base of tools to start out with. I know all that’s really needed is a outlet tester and flashlight but I’d like to offer more value right off the hop. What did you folks start out with? I’d like to get a decent base of tools from the start.

Two flashlights, two cameras, moisture meter, multi screwdriver, awl, outlet tester, current detector, Exterior ladder, Interior ladder, Construction gloves, boot covers for inside, Smoke pencil for testing fans, magnetic level, measuring tape, magnet. inspection mirrors, utility knife, channel lock pliers and needle nose pliers Comes with a year’s membership too, so it really only costs $76.

“Just an outlet tester and a flashlight”. Where did you get that info?

There was a fun topic of what 5 tools do you use the most. Look thy up in the forum. Will give you a Jumpstart .