state exam

hello i took my passed my Fl state exam. just got a session code
what do i do next?

Wow it is online you do not even have to go anywhere to get a Florida Home Inspector License. It was not proctored?

Yes it was online and yes I did have to go somewhere and yes it was proctored.
Trying to find out what the next steps are like insurance and fees.
Maybe I could go somewhere to get insurance or maybe I could get it online.

Jeff Wicklander I think is his name. I am fairly sure he is the one in insurance but I forget. i’ll look into something. Not sure if I am spelling it right but he takes care of a lot of florida guys. Type insurance in a question and he will likely chime in :slight_smile: He is a good guy. They rest of the stuff you need to do is all in the law. Maybe someone has a link to it or coppy of it but I do not.

Now I am not sure I talked to him on the phone a couple of weeks ago and he was asking me some things about the requirements for our State.

David Wicker is the guys name I just found it on my phone.

Very good rates.

That is who I currently use. My agent is on the South West Coast of Florida and is ALWAYS on the ball. When I need a certificate for G.C. or Consulting stuff they get it to me darn near instantally.

It is who I have as well.

Me too!

Great rates

David J Wicker
Account Executive
Director- National Home Inspectors Program

CH Insurance Brokerage
315-552-5334 - Direct line
315-877-3930 - Cell

David will tell you to fill out the form 1st

and for the E & O

Besides insurance, you will need to apply for the license and get your background check done.

And fingerprints.

I would consider getting a concealed carry permit as well. Florida is a screwed up place and you never know what you may walk up on. Tiss a shame we do not have open carry here so we would not have to try to hide full size pistols so they are readily available. I have never had to pull mine but I have had my hand on it a few times :frowning: