STATE water heater age???

I have come across a STATE water heater today while performing an inspection. My reference material did not help me to determine the age of this appiliance any help woul be appreciated.

Serial # 893045678
Model # ssx 30 nars6 fj

I read this as July 1989 89 (year) 30(week). Any other opinions???

Could be 8/93. According to my book, they used a letter (in the first position) for the month and then the second and third digit was the year. Since your serial # doesn’t start with a letter, I can’t say the book is accurate.

Same here.

Could the “8” have been a “B”

Agree with 1993

That’s what I think, too. B93 = February 1993.

Thanks for the input, making a trip out to the property on Tuesday for a septic inspection and will double check theserial number for a letter.

Thansk again