Steam Generator Disconnect

I’m installing a steam generator and it needs a disconnect for service. My question is, would it be acceptable to simply have a pigtail and plugged into an outlet?

I seem to recall someone saying that if you can unplug the thing, it serves as a visible disconnect. Since space is tight, I would love this option instead of installing a disconnect, but Id rather do it right above all.

What does the Installation Manual state?

Not proper to do it that way.

Hire an electrician You will not be sorry .

Does the steam generator have a breaker in the unit?

In general a cord and plug can be used as a required disconnecting means for an appliance but the equipment would need to be designed for cord and plug connection. You cannot use a cord as a replacement for fixed wiring. A qualified electrician would be able to decipher what is required.

Probably not a good idea since a steam generator usually is high amperage. Most appliance pigtails are rated max for 15 amp. The steam generators I have hooked up are usually 220 volts 20 or 30 amp and have their own disconnect on the unit. LA has a lot of it’s own local requirements. Don’t get in hot water/steam over your head.