I ran across this today. It’s in an exterior distribution panel. It’s a feed for a generator. The wiring is 12 gage stranded copper, the breaker is 60 Amp. It doesn’t look like the knot will hold the wire in place if it’s pulled on. I can’t quite find the proper words for this. Any suggestions?


How about stupid? Crazy? Cheap? Unsafe?

Or if you want to be P-C: Non-compliant.

Extension cords are not allowed for use as permanent wiring. Then just for clarification, add what Pete said;

FWIW… that picture is pretty typical of how a lot of farmers have their backup power arranged. Permanently installed cord tail. Not compliant, but a very popular violation just the same.

Let’s forget the “PC” and go with “FUBAR’d” :shock:



Although I agree with what Marc has to say
Gerry said it best “FUBAR’d” :shock:

If you turn the breaker to the on position while the utility company power is on, and grab the cord tail while barefoot on wet ground, you will get fried.

Then the breaker might not throw if you pull under 60 amps, the 12 gage wire catches on fire, and the panel or wire could catch the vinyl or grass on fire, and burn the house down.

That’s a stretch. Maybe I could get the person that did this to test my theory. :smiley:


Perhaps you didn’t notice in the pic that there is a proper generator interlock between the “generator breaker” and the “normal power” breaker? Bravo to the installer on that account, at least.

Marc, now I see it. I will google it and read up on it. Thanks!

I resemble that fact whoops mean resent we have oil rich Farmers here do a little better job

I agree with Marc, He was close to doing the right thing. If he had a more suitable cord and a weather proof, recessed plug at the panel this would be hold your nose legal. He might have a 2400w generator that is OK on that 12ga cord but the thing certainly needs a better way of getting into the panel.

I also agree. The interlock IS a wonderful thing, and a surprise to see in this case.
I was referring to the cord and how it is “installed”. :shock: