Steam vs. hot water heating system

What are the main differences in components on a steam and hot water boiler systems?

No plumbing was on at the house and this is the system.
There is an expansion tank on the distribution pipe exiting the boiler (not shown in picture).

Steam boilers have a sight glass, if it doesn’t have one it’s a hot water system.
Hot water systems have pumps (if they’re not REALLY old) and at least one expansion tank.
Steam systems have water traps and smaller return lines for the condensation to return to the boiler.

ETA: That appears to be a water boiler. Judging from the stone basement, It’s probably a lot more efficient than the one it replaced.

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All that crap too.
Sometimes I forget how much more complicated steam boilers are. After staring at them almost every day for the last 17 yrs I tend to get complacent about what makes them work. Until something breaks of course. :smiley:

I have operated a steam engine but I don’t know what a steam pump looks like anyone know or seen one???:wink:

Charley back in the day working large building boilers they added some type of pump that brought the pressure down(reduced) by somehow putting a pull on the line to make it more efficient.

Any idea what I am trying to recall?

We have pumps on our feed water lines that overcome the pressure of the boiler to fill it since the city water pressure isn’t high enough by itself.
Is that what you’re thinking of?

No ,it reduced need for steam pressure by actually putting a negative reading on the steam gauge.

Somehow it sucked it through and was new back in the eighties along with (lol) turbulator tubes on my Kiwanee boilers.
All were designed to cut fuel costs.

Are you are talking CRU

Not used for cooling, maybe need to jog memory later as it was a suction pump of some kind on the line.
Will post if I recall.

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