Steel fabrication work for an automobile workshop

I would like to know how well is the steel buildings for an automobile workshop. I have seen this in a lot of places.
I am planning to start a garage of my own.

I found a company online that do sustainable steel construction in Canada.It’s They will be energy saving. But, I would like to know if there are any advantages to the steel buildings?

I am a mechanic and the garage I work has concrete walls. They are tough and sturdy. But, steel buildings are so popular these days. I would appreciate your opinion.

Thank you.

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Tasdid, a Home Inspector is not required to research the history of the property, or report on its potential for alteration, modification, extendibility or suitability for a specific or proposed use for occupancy.

You might find an answer for your questions by doing a quick google search such as this one here:

Walmart sure likes them. You have to be more specific about what you mean by ‘steel building’ big box stores are steel framed, but maybe you are thinking of steel clad buildings? If you are in an area without a lot of builders a prefabbed steel building can be put up pretty quick by anyone who can follow directions and owns a crane and some wrenches. You will probably need permits, including development permits, which will determine what kind of building you can put up and what it can be used for, so this is the wrong place to be asking these questions.

Here’s one I did earlier last month :smiley: