Steep Roofs

If you do not walk roofs you do not need to comment here. I walk every roof I can. How do you guys get on steep roofs? I heard some shoes have great grip for walking roofs. Does anyone know a good brand? What about when the roofs are different levels. Do you pull up the ladder on top of the first roof? I have thought about it but I don’t want to damage the roof. I almost lost my ladder the other day. What do you use to secure it to the gutters? Thanks!

Watch this over and over and over.

I don’t wear them, but others say they are great. If it is too steep, I just stay off. I will walk any roof I feel safe on, but safety is key.

I carry my Xtend and Climb to access different roof levels. Again though it depends on roof pitch, weather conditions, and roof condition.

I use a 25 power scope on a tripod for those roofs I can not get too or not able to walk .
I like most Homies do not walk any we do not like .


I’m like you and many other inspectors; I walk every roof I can (if it’s safe and does not damage the roof).
I’m also a professional firefighter; guess what we do if we have to get on a steep roof? We use a special ladder (roof ladder). It has hooks on one end and we hook the ridge line, then walk the ladder. Yes it does damage the roof, but no cares when the fire depratment shows up.
I wouldn’t get too caught up in gimicks, special roof shoes, etc. One fall and you may never have to worry about it again.
There is nothing wrong inspecting a roof from ground level or at the eaves on a ladder; just note how the roof was inspected in the report.

talk about steep roof…

I will walk a roof up to a 9/12. If it has an upper roof and it is safe enough I have a 4foot little giant that I use. I wear runners on the roof for extra grip. Do what feels comfortable. If you get the jitters half way up the ladder or even standing on the gound thats your inner body smacking you on the back of the brain saying no way. Listen to it. I have seen to many guys come off ladders and roof’s in my day because they were to macho or stupid to say no.

It didn’t look like any of them were tied off. That’s just crazy.

Good advise!!!

Key word in any court of law: consistency.

IMO, walk them all, or none. All it takes is once. Not me.

Cougar Paws works great!

Thanks for the suggestions guys! I think I will find a roofer forum and see what they do.

Most of the guys working for roofers down here use the foam out of a sofa cushion to walk the roof.

I just use Tredsafe type shoes (off roof too) and tacky leather gloves. I’ll crabwalk coming down steeper slopes. Try to walk on valleys or hips as they are lower slope and provide better purchase than the plane.

To steep i use a 20 foot pole WFI camera i can zoom as close to 2 inches on most roofs .
Great for straight shot down the ridge, chimney caps and so on .
JVC cam 379.00, telescopic flag pole converted with tripod mount 100 bucks
I can control the camera from my phone for a viewer .
Safety is also the first concern

I always go in the attic and scan the ceiling with the thermal . Those that condemn not going on just have not learned it is not worth it. Roofers never work alone and have harness or supposed to . boards to secure themselves . they are setup for long times not 10 min .
If a lawyer wants to make a point we have SOP TO REFER TOO, THEN YOU COULD ALWAYS ASK I will go if you show me how lol

I use no slip football cleats and wear my Jeans ;-):wink:

Do you give a price on roof replacement too Charlie lolol

Hi Wayne;

Could you tell me more about the telescoping pole/camera idea?


Sure can , I email you a picture later today . I converted a flag pole (Telescopic ) added a tripod mount for the JVC camcorder which has WIFI VCGZ-EX250 which you can down load a free app for you phone to control.
Works great ! folds down to 5 ft .
It doesnt wobble around like a painters pole which i used for long time

I walk 12/12 pitches all day long with a pair of cougar paws…they work great.

Let me also say that I have excellent balance and am use to walking roofs and rafters since building homes back in 78 (although I am more careful as I get older)…anyone who has any hesitation on getting on a roof should heed to that inner voice and stay off of them.