Do you walk the roof?

How many of you guys walk the roof during a roof inspection?

I get on all roofs if it’s safe….I know it’s not required per the sop; however you cannot see everything from the eaves with a ladder, my 2 cents.

Every roof that I can safely.


You will find this information helpful.


If I can get to them. Most of the stuff I inspect are 3 and 4 story row homes. I find myself shoving a ladder out a window alot and setting up on an addition or porch roof to get up to the upper levels.

every one, unless its not safe

Everyone that I can do safely.

I also walk all roofs that I can safely access. I also use every other viewpoints at the house (upper level windows overlooking lower roofs) as well. I avoid walking clay or concrete tile, and slate roofs whenever possible, but, look at them from the eaves.

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Depends on weather, height, access, condition and roof style.

Yesterdays inspection was wet and mossy areas. Not walking it.

The other day was a tile roof. Not breaking it.

Some houses have ravines and portions of the roof may not be visible.

About 2 months ago I had an inspection on a lower slope ranch that had been previously inspected.

The inspector missed the chimney as the crowns/flues were heavily damaged.
He did not walk the roof and there was a creek in the back.

I document pertaining to each inspection on method of roof inspection.

I will not walk on brittle shingles as I will damage them.

One time an inspection friend noticed me on a snow covered roof stopped and yelled at me. He was right. I was dumb that day and no longer walk on snow covered roofs.
I have been fortunate the one time I feel I did not get hurt.

Do not place your ladder on a deck surface.

ditto, although I will not walk a significantly worn roof either.

Only when it is safe to do so.

Yes??? That sound like “all inclusive”–meaning you walk on all roofs. All the time.

Now what do you do if the roof is snow covered–or has ice on it. What about slate roofs, especially wet slate??

Brian is in AZ. No snow here. Not many slate roofs. Not much rain.

Yes, when its safe to do so.

Absolutely, when its safe to do so.

Here is something I never would have found, had I not climbed up there…

Roofing .jpg

Roofing drainage.jpg

I walk all asphalt / fiberglass roofs up to a 12-14 pitch…after that I break out the binocs. During inclimate wx I will come back if necessary… because 90% of roofs are not properly installed, its worth the effort for me to find the problems… and besides, I like flirting with danger. :slight_smile:

I don’t walk on tile, wood shakes, or metal roofs because if (when) they are not properly installed, one can damage them or simply find themselves understanding the principle of gravity.



What Jeff said. Guys if you don’t walk roofs your going to loose business plain and simple. How RR stays busy I don’t know however in my area you better walk a roof if it’s safe.