Stem Wall Crack

Today’s three bedroom ranch on slab with a a corner crack between 1/2’’ and 3/4’’ at it’s widest. There is bush with visible roots around the corner only three feet away. What’s confusing me, is the stem wall facing the bush is not cracked. Using a level in the living area of this corner, only a very slight settlement was noticed. My call is to have this crack filled with expoxy. Not knowing if the roots are the primary cause would you have the bush and all it’s roots removed just to be safe. Not a CYA report safe :smiley: - as a practical solution.


Houston! We have a slight differential movement problem, Copy.

Erol; It would appear to me that this is more of a horizontal movement that I can’t explain based on that picture alone, but appears that there has been no vertical movement and horizontal only.

Was that a shallow stem wall subjective to framing pressures or movement or is it possible that the roots you are talking about actueally pulled or pushed horizontally on the wall?

Hard to tell.

I would call it as a structural movement has been observed and should be assessed by a reputable foundation Contractor.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel

I’m pretty sure it’s the roots, but I’ll need to recommend further review. I hate when I have to do that! :twisted: I told the homeowner on site, that I may have to refer it. :frowning:


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Dale, when I see Ram Jacking, I can feel it under my chair, ha. ha.

Wouldn’t you think in this case that a clamp would be more in order to pull this sucker back together? ha. ha.

Is there such a thing as Clamp Jacking?

Marcel :wink: ](“”)

Hey I gave you a greenie a second ago,…want me to take it away?..:mrgreen:

That company can fix anything, simply amazing work.

I would recommend Ram Jack to everybody with any type of foundation repair needed.

…Even you Marcel…:mrgreen:


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I must need some rest. :neutral: For a brief moment, I thought you sent me a list of Jack In The Box locations. :smiley: Too bad we don’t have any though, I could use a few monster tacos. :cool:](“”)

Sorry Dale, Ram jacking just reminds me of raising the Titanic :mrgreen: :wink:


“My call is to have this crack filled with expoxy.”

I dont think I would ever tell anyone how to fix anything. Once you do that, if something goes wrong, you now become responsible for it. You have identified the problem, now let the licensed contractor repair it.

I would do the same William.
But, this is sure fun talking about it. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile:

My call for epoxy was before you guy’s recommended further review, which I wasn’t sure was necessary. :wink: :cool:

You saw it first hand Erol, so I am sure you made a good call.
Had fun talking about it anyways. :wink:

Nice work.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: