Settlement Issues

Can you guys help me out on how to write this up. Settlement issue inside the garage no evidence on exterior however home was recently painted. Someone used metal strips to try to prevent further cracking.

How old is the house?

No cracking visible (from the picture provided) along the lower two courses which would indicate movement of the footer. Without seeing it in the person both inside and outside, I’d be leaning to pressure from outside (large tree close to foundation, piece of equipment being used , hydraulic pressure etc.). Those light weight metal brackets are not doing much, a better method of repair is to apply carbon fiber straps to the wall with epoxy.

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Agreed, I am recommending further evaluation by licensed contractor

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Screw “Evaluation”… it needs “Diagnosing”!
Refer to a “foundation” contractor! Joe Schmoe average GC ain’t gonna know crap on how to properly diagnose and repair shown visible damage. Hell, he is likely the one who placed those useless metal straps!!

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Ram Jack time…:wink:

Maybe, maybe not. Problem needs diagnosed before prescribing a bandaid repair!

Foundation contractor or structural engineer

Agreed with Ram Jack

thabk you for your help

Stair-step cracks in the mortar joints near the corner leads of a CMU wall are exceedingly common in our area (lots of reasons).
That one little photo doesn’t show much, can’t tell how move movement there’s been.
You say the wall has been painted, but large cracks can usually still be seen through fresh paint on the exterior walls.

The straps are useless, but I don’t know if calling an SE is necessary based on that image.

The crack goes smaller as it gets closer to the ground and larger at the top.

hydraulic or hydrostatic?

Not enough information to determine the cause. Ram Jack like all foundation companies will sell the homeowner way more foundation jacks, wall anchors, etc. then needed. Get an SE experienced in residential foundations to do the inspection and have him decide what is needed. If foundation jacks are warranted he would likely call for less jacks than Ram Jack will try to sell the homeowner. At $1000 each, one less jack can pay for the SE inspection.

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Thank you for your input

We don’t know based on the info given, I’m assuming there is no standing body of water on the outside so I’m saying hydraulic pressure. Not knowing the history of the property, those cracks could have occurred over time or in one afternoon if someone ran a large enough piece of equipment in close enough proximity to the foundation.

No, just the ground

Quality, experienced foundation contractors will have an SE on staff, or have contacts with one (or more), saving you time and $$$$.

  1. Foundation wall cracks and repair should be evaluated by structural engineer
  2. It is not typical framing ( I don’t see whole ) , no pressure treated lumber used in contact with CMU units, size of the joist and what support them - I would recommend to be evaluated by qualified professional. Anytime I see repair like that I’m extremely careful with my report.

I was very careful in report, thank you for everyone’s feedback I truly appreciate how willing everyone is to share there knowledge.