step down to garage?

In Phoenix them there Fume Barriers are generally 5 feet from the wall…:smiley:

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Very good Dale.

If the garage slopes down it is not needed.

…yeah, but the tire didn’t go through the wall–it stopped!!


I thought this topic came up before and forget the answer.

In this area, especially Brunswick, Maine, it is mandated to have the garage floor a minumum of 4" lower than the main floor of the house and also require a landing outside the exit door of the house which has to be out-swinging, and have a landing of at least 3 feet depth by five foot wide before the step down.

Now if you can tell me where I saw this at one time, then we will both know.

Maybe someone else can help. I tried to find it in local codes and NFPA, IRC,and ICBO with no luck as to be able to pin point a listing to that requirement.

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You never answered the question. I’d like to know also. Please let us know the source of your diagrams.



That is from The Illustrated Home book/CD… . I have the much cheaper B/W version that I use all the time for illustrations.

Kansas City - In about 65% of houses (new or old) there will not be a tire stop or step-up into living area unless its a house with steps from garage to house. Houses that are Split-level, raised ranch, Trilevel, etc usually go from garage directly into finished family rooms. Interior floor at same height.

But there is to be a slope from house door to garage overhead door.

One small step for mankind and one big step for humanity and livelyhood and protection of the living environment. I think that is reason enough.

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I’m with ya Marcel :wink:

David… That illustration is from my dearborn inspection book for Insulation and Interiors. Where can you obtain the illustrations?