step question

So I came across this picture and notice the steps. Would the step requirements apply here ? There’s more than 4 risers without guardrails and the treads look alot more than 10 inches. Would this be a defect or does these kinds of long steps in front of the house be exempt from this rule ?

You will never get anyone to do anything about it, so I mention it in my report as a safety concern, without going so far as calling it a defect.…0…1.1.64.img…3.17.2237.0…0j0i5i30k1j0i8i30k1j0i24k1j0i30k1.3-oQcriPi4I

Do you perceive this as a safety concern? Does your client perceive this is a safety concern?

Does the stairs system or the front porch elevation exceed 30 inches above grade?

Zackly…otherwise it is not required…but you can recommend anything you want, especially for safety.

I would pass on that set of stairs.
Not a safety concern and railings would look out of place.

The IRC doesn’t call out railings unless you’re stepping off a 30" high platform.
The 5 riser rule could be argued away here.

I have 9 steps from my front door to the driveway, they are approx 6’ X 4’ wide, I drop about 6’ but no railings required.

The IBC may be different but this is a residence.

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IRC would require a handrail IMO. But like Jeff said just point it out.

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Your right , Most down your way would not worry about those steps .

As far as I know, if the tread is long enough to allow two steps on each tread, it stops being a “stairway” and becomes an elevating walkway. That’s my perspective and not worth calling out. You would start to sound a like a Nervous Nellie.

Some insurance companies label these as “landscape stairs” and will call it a safety concern regardless of elevation and/or number of risers.