Still able to log onto Nachi?

Someone must have forgotten to take me off.

Good to hear from you Kenn.

Thanks Michael

Hey Kenn How are you doing?

Hanging in there, but I am having a tough time of it. My digestive system SHUT DOWN 2 WEEKS AGO, and I am under Hospice care so I am waiting on time. As proven with the loss of Gerry, live every day as if it is your last because it may be. P.S. Enjoy every meal too! :wink: Thanks Kenn

Good advice Kenn…none of us ever know…hang in there…

Hi Kenn

It is good to hear from you. Great advise, stay strong


Nice to see you are still with us Ken.

Stay with us. :slight_smile:

Hi Ken,

Hope you get better soon.

Good Luck

Hey Ken,

Good to hear from you. You have been in our prayers daily. Take care

I hope you get a lot better real soon, praying for you.

Hey, Kenn…it’s GREAT! to hear from you. Man, I feel good about hearing from you, but saddened by your condition.

Soon, though you’ll be going “home”, and my family will keep you in our prayers. See you “there” later. Jae


Wishing you peace in your time of trouble.

Absolutely, Kenn…peace.

Hi Buddy.

Wish you well ,Ken.

All the best Ken.

Good to see you are still around Ken.
Keep strong.

I wish you all the best Ken…

Thanks to all for the kind words and prayers, Kenn