Turning work down is a...

shame since it is slow anyway. But I am too sick to work, I need some of those prayers please. :frowning:

Sorry to hear you are ill Ken.
You an your family are in my prayers.


Hope you feel better. Do you turn it down or refer it to another local NACHI inspector?

If you have no one to refer to, I am in your area. Call or email me direct.

Ray Thoroman
Superior Home Inspections

I have asked other inspectors before Rayand got no response, email me what all you do and I will glad to send them to you.

Kenneth . . . get well soon, prayers and thoughts with you.

Ken what’s up. Chills and fever like me? :vomit:

I don’t know yet and neither do the doctor’s, Liver is swollen, bad pain, throwing up green bile, can’t eat without getting sick and for the last week it feels like I got hit with a ball bat in the stomach. Other than that life’s a cherry!

Get well soon

Galbladder? If so ,get it yanked out

Ken, get well soon.

Let us know when you get better, and you are all in our thoughts.

Marcel :slight_smile: