Stocks fall as investors ponder Obama win

Gee…what a surprise!

And yet a different headline on stocks taking a tumble today, the 5th: Stocks tumble following weak U.S. economic reports .

A line directly quoted from the story: “Tuesday’s election of Democrat Barack Obama as the next U.S. president removed one element of uncertainty from the markets.”

Hey, guys, could you tell wall street to have Faith, I can’t afford to loose anymore out of my retirement fund.

Marcel :mrgreen::):wink:

Don’t tell me you guys thought all of the market manipulation by the Bush administration to help get McSame elected was assumed to be another bull market? Don’t tell me you were duped once again into believing the economy was recovering, EVERYONE knows this is a bear market and we haven’t come close to the lows yet. Look out for something south of 7,000 on the DOW before this is all over. :roll:

You’ll will know when we have reached a bottom when you wouldn’t buy a stock with a loaded gun pointed at your head. :smiley:

**Time too get back to Inspections—:twisted: