Storage WH Life Expectancy

Any idea what the life expectancy would be for a storage type water heater? The water is heated in the boilers tankless coil, then pumped into the tank for storage. This is not an indirect-fired wh. Thanks.:slight_smile:

I would think the life would be the same. The only difference is two elements that heat the water. The construction of the tank and all the conditions dealing with corrosion would be equivilent I would asume.

Unless the tank has been constructed for a longer life, but that would take some homework

The storage tank doesn’t heat the water. Hot water is circulated in and out of the tank from the boiler tankless coil by a circ pump. Water can be drawn out of teh storage tank from a pipe at the top. No heating element, just a big thermos really. I would think it would last longer than a standard wh.

I like the picture . How did you stop the flash from showing up in the mirror?

If it’s one of the tanks (Super-stor, etc) that are used with indirect DHW systems, you can expect 20 or so years with average water conditions like neutral acidity, etc.

Thanks Brian