Stove hood vents to attic - recommend out thru roof?

You are inspecting the attic and see stove hood vent venting open into attic. Grease/gunk accumulated near outlet. Recommend venting through roof?

If you don’t want grease and humidity in your attic I would say yes!


We generally think its best to vent through the attic to the exterior BUT BUT in Okla my area in particular considers the vented attic as the exterior and does not require bathrooms and or kitchen exhaust to be vented to the exterior of the frame of the home. When I first started inspecting 18 years ago I was convinced that moist air from a bathroom shower would damage the attic wood. I can state over the last 18 years and I see this every day I have never observed any damage to any wood in a attic with both the kitchen and as many as 3 to 4 bathrooms discharging into the attic. My suggestion is do what your local AHJ requires for your area

that would be a serious fire hazard in my book and I recommend not using the hood until the vent is properly terminated…think about a range top flare up…where is that flame going to go ?

I agree, Jim…a serious potential fire hazard. :shock:

I don’t disagree but I don’t fight city hall its the hall of idiots have you ever tried to talk to a fence post you get just as much satisfaction

Charlie, I agree with you. I see bathroom vents that end in attics in homes over 25 years of age, with no problems seen. Many and most all ASHI inspectors require this, even when local codes do not apply. Bath vent fans that extend through roofs can cause stack effects, similar to an open damper on a fireplace. As long as the bath vent fans extend high into the attic, I do not call them out.

Range top vent fans are another matter.

Dumping moisture laden air into an cold attic is a very bad idea in the Northland.


Stove/range hood venting must terminate at the Exterior, period. NOT in the attic or crawlspace.

Agreed but I think it is better to vent out the side as close as possible to the kitchen.