Structural Damage? Concrete Cracked!

Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of replacing my carpet and found out a huge crack on my concrete floor. From what I know, it is a pure concrete 4" to 6" above the ground level. Could someone confirm by looking at the pictures whether I have a structure damage rather than a normal concrete crack?

I appreciate all your help on this!

Can’t diagnose structural failure on the internet with pictures.

Is there any horizontal displacement?

Lacking control joint, concrete cracks…Google Concrete Cracks for a lot of information.

As Dale said, pictures are not the best way to “diagnose” a structural problem.

However, the cracks look like pretty common slab-cracks, which are not generally a structural “issue.”

Check the exposed footings and stem walls near the slab edge. If the cracks continue through these structural components, you’ll need to get someone out there to evaluate the situation.

Hire a professional Nachi inspector in your area…they can look at it more closely and advise you.


Thank you all for all your responses.

There is a slight misalignment on the floor. I am just scared that considering that this is a pure concrete, it would produce a wide and long crack. This is just a 6 year old newly constructed townhomes.

Can someone recommend a nachi member close to Bayonne, NJ?

Thank you all for your reply!

Dale: there is a slight disjoint only at a small portion close to the start/end of the crack. Other than that, it is a concrete crack through out.

Jeff P: the crack is in the middle of the floor and no signs that the stem and wall arempacted. Although I dont have 100% visibility on it.

Jeff H: Thanks for the reply!

All concrete cracks … but different cracks mean different things. Some slab cracking can be the first signs of a problem, even if there are no stem wall cracks. Some cracking is simply the result of a poor slab base or shrinkage. Figuring out what the cracking means just cant be done over the internet, even with a buch of pictures.

An on-site evaluation should be done by an inspector who is a licensed engineer (PE) in order to get a more definitive answer. State laws do not allow inspectors who are not PE’s to do a structural evaluation.

JMO & 2-Nickels … :wink:

It is impossible to see from those photos the degree of deficiency.
Any foundation crack is suspect and must be monitored.
The Inspector must have engineering and or structural concrete field experience.
A Licensed Certified concrete repair and evaluation company would be my answer.
Try this number.
I pray it is shrinkage cracking but it still must be investigate.
The report by the company engineer will be about 300-500 dollars.
I would get 2 myself.
That price is what concrete structural evaluations are in Montreal Quebec.
Please keep us posted. We would love to follow the story.
Thank you.
PS: Good luck.:slight_smile: