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Unfortunately, the carbon fiber repairs have been known to fail.
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Chances are a repair to one wall won’t cause damage to other walls as the forces that are causing the walls to bow are applied to the outside of the walls. It could be anything from water to the composition of the soils.

It’s practically impossible for anyone to diagnose your problem without seeing it. As I stated earlier, you need a qualified foundation contractor to assess and make correct repairs, the key word being qualified. Do due diligence when looking for a qualified contractor.

If you own the home outright, and you really like the house, it may be economically feasible for you to have the walls properly repaired, but as stated above, only you can make that decision.


I’d advise for you/your partner to pull out while you can…6 years?..that will cost ya…OMG!

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Have a drink or two, toast the house and thank her for the few years she had to give… then sell while you can.


IMO… Carbon Fiber, Steel Beams, and all the other ‘gimmicks’ are nothing more than short-term Bandaids. They “fix” nothing… only attempt to brace the wall from further movement!

Based solely on your statements… it’s time to replace the foundation… or sell while you can.
Wait too long and you will miss out on the opportunity to walk away from it.

Good luck.


some of the best links/info you’ll find imo

Pages 6 and 7

Adria, this guys wall (all 4) bowed in, all have multiple exterior cracks allowing water in basement and all had expansive clay soil AND underground tree roots against-along the exterior of walls
Inside his basement, back wall

outside view of some of the exterior cracks etc

and here the homeowners bought the place that previously had an interior basement drainage system installed and wall anchors and sump pump, all 4 walls bowed in, 2 worse than other 2, and homeowners hired us to take care the 2 bad ones. The sellers were BS’d by the INT company, they paid $24,000 ish for the interior crap… clay soil and tree roots CAUSED the problems


2 more houses with bowed in walls.
Harper Woods, 3 walls bowed in, homeowner in 1st photo was lied to, bs’d by an interior basement drainage system co, sure was and happens all the time… this was 12 years ago, they charged him $15,000 for crap that did not remove-reduce any exterior lateral soil pressure against the walls and they did not seal/waterproof the exterior cracks which was why the basement leaked, had some mold and efflorescence

2 types of bs used at-along base of walls, see the diff where wall painted green versus yellow or cream of whatever color it is lol

St Clair Shores, bowed in wall
They poured concrete against-along entire wall… did that solve leaky basement? lolllllllllll
The concrete added more pressure/weight against the wall

see BOW?

some disintegrated exterior blocks

clay soil, tree roots and concrete 3 main causes

last few photos some will notice water bottom of trench, don’t get confused and be thinking the exterior drain tiles are clogged etc, no, it rained long and heavy the day before this job.

so when one pays $$$ for installation of beams or wall anchors or carbon fiber straps and they do NOT remove, reduce, leseen the exterior causes AND they don’t waterproof these exterior cracks = big mistake.



Post as many photos inside and outside as you can and a copy of the engineer’s report. Send me your address so I can look up the soil type as well.

Don’t spend any more money on carbon fiber. The person that made the comment the carbon fiber you had installed somehow transferred the weight to the other walls doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about.


Isn’t that the truth.

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Randy, sure give me until the end of the week as I have work constraints. Thank you everybody.

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