Basement wall bowing

Just purchased home. Basement wall had started to bow. Previous owner had anchors put in and it appears the bowing has stopped, but not positive. Block wall, horizontal crack, leaks water. Husband and I want to know what we should do. Bids are all over the place from anchoring and waterproofing to replacement. Bow is not by any means severe or even moderate. Grading is sloped towards house and has been for years, but we will regrade. In St Louis, MO. Any solutions, recommendations or referrals to companies? Seems like people are after the dollar and not the solution.

You should really seek the advice from a reputable structural engineer or basement repair specialist…

Agreed, an engineer would give you a non bias evaluation and should give you more than one alternate solution

…lololOLOloLoLll u need to hire the BEST…Everdry or B Dry or Basement Systems etc!!! They NEVER lie to you, they always identify and then fix the problems…YEP!

Trish, it is not just anchors to fix that type of problem. It requires an anchoring system. I had to have one installed in a house I was selling a few years back. Call me or send an email and I can probably explain the procedure…

You have water…

Fix the water.
Everyone will offer a band-aid at a high cost and not stop the reason all this happened in the first place.

Working a commercial case like this as we speak.
Engineers running all over the place. Not one has mentioned where the water is coming from or what will be done about it. “Just block it and pump it out…”

Home Inspectors first response to everything beyond what they do is to get an Engineer!
Most Home Inspectors I hang around with have more field experience than most Engineers.

Maybe you need a “Good” Inspector…
They look at the whole picture and are not “tunnel visioned” in their field of expertise.
Then you can get the right engineer in there for the job.

You got-it Mr Dave :wink:

Here, wall anchor’s were installed…did NOTHING to relieve-remove the CAUSES of the cracks, bowed wall and leaks etc. The same weight,pressure,causes of problems are STILL THERE!!! Helllllllllllllllo.
click each photo to ENLARGE.

Another bowed basement wall…what the OUTSIDE of bowed walls look like
click each photo to ENLARGE
So anyone who tells my dumb az that all any homeowner needs who has a bowed basement wall is wall anchors and an interior system is full of sht.These 2 basement walls would LOOK the same, likely WORSE, even if an INTERIOR system had been installed! Yes they surely would. Because because because because, an interior system doesn’t waterproof the EXTERIOR cracks! Water will continue to enter, period. YOU won’t SEE it because the inside dorks cover/hide part of or most of these walls!!!

There WILL be EXTERIOR cracks to varying degrees, period. Depends on how much the dumb az wall is bowed in. Regardless, the ONLY MEANS of stopping water from entering ANY SIZE cracks like these is, on the outside…sheesh.

Eh, some basement walls and most crawlspace walls were NOT even parged and SEE what can happen to some of the exterior blocks and joints (Photo 14)
Wall is BOWED in eh. (photo 11)
What happened to some blocks? And how about duh joints?

So how could it ever be ‘fine n dandy’ to install wall anchors and an interior BUBBLEHEAD system…huh? Quite a few are VERY messed up on this subject,sorry. :mrgreen:

Umm, here/these peeps have no vested interest in bowed walls,waterproofing etc eh.
Scroll DOWN to…BASEMENT WALL DAMAGE and read it would ya plz lol.
For BOWED,damaged WALLS, do thery tell ya to install WALL ANCHORS and an INTERIOR system? No.
If they did, they would be messed up just like the interior terds, period!

They say (resolution), depending on the extent of damage, foundation wall MAY need to be replaced while OTHERS can be REPAIRED…to prevent future damage, the clay MUST be removed and replaced with sandy,gravelly soil and…the EXTERIOR wall should be waterproofed! Ding ding ding!!!

What don’t ALOT ‘get’???
Sometimes cracks, a bowed wall,leaky basement is CAUSED by underground ROOTS or, a porch footing etc. Often its clay soil…so please help my dumb az, exactly how does installing wall anchors and an interior system remove,relieve ANY of these causes!!

Here, B Dry installed an interior system on a bowed,leaky wall ](,)](,)](*,)
Yep, same old incompetent bs…sell the ONE thing they do for self-gain INSTEAD OF, being an honest-competent contractor and identifying actual problems,causes which WOULD have led them sorry bubbleheads to EXTERIOR waterproofing, that’s what WAS NEEDED and STILL is.

You peeps are waaay out there if ya think ANY interior system…a pressure relief system,drain tile system etc will remove,lessen any weight/pressure/causes.
And for the NTH time, NONE of these interior system waterproofs exterior cracks.

Why did this woman call MY DUMB AZ??? Huh?
And where is B DRY, she called them…WHERE o g dang where are they and their SUPPOSED lifetime bubblehead GUARANTEE???
Eh, the wall kept getting WORSE…and leaked!!! I d I o T s!

And where is the MEDIA on this subject…huh? Talk about a pretty good news story (people getting lied to,misled etc on their foundations,mold etc). The media does LITTLE to even bother to UNDERSTAND this friggin subject because if they’d LISTEN they’d see,they’d understand people have been, still are getting scr_wed, lied to,cheated! But as usual, FEW want to bother to understand basement waterproofing,foundation repair. Instead they get PAID from these inside system terds and BLINDLY believe what these terds tell 'em, what a friggin joke.

Listen to Dave and John. They won’t steer you wrong.

Wall anchors AND an interior basement drainage system installed = wrong, incompetent bs!

3 short videos, same house… INSIDE basement

outside, see any problems, any existing structural cracks etc?

outside different wall, any existing material facts/problems that a BUYER should know about? yeah