Structure or Minor/Typical crack

I’m new to home inspection. Would this be considered structural that would require further review from a structural engineer?

Often a crack, at a doorway like that, means a shift in structure. That one looks minor but one must take all things into consideration.

Were there more cracks like that? Was there any floor sloping? Was there any foundation movement?..etc., etc., etc.

There was an identical crack on the opposite side of the wall, but other than that I didn’t see anything. Thanks for your response

Wrong thread…mea culpa.

Actually, that crack seems to be a ‘repeat offender’. It looks to have been repaired at least once already, and the door trim removed before repainting the wall but never reinstalled.
Without being there in person to see any other ‘clues’ of what’s going on, yes, I would recommend an evaluation and correction by the appropriate qualified engineer/contractor.

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how old was the house?, were there trusses or conventional rafters, did the door still function properly ? you are asking for answers but not providing much information…

Matt, that cracks indicates the floor went down to the right of the door in the video. The structural significance depends on what caused the movement.

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That is a plaster wall with a pocket door. The frame at the header has pulled apart indicating a movement in the flooring system to the right of the doorway.
Wood lathe plaster is common to have cracks at the corners of door openings.
How old was this place? Recommend it be repaired. Looks like it has been cracked for a while.

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Thank you… Would you recommend a foundation specialist?

About 50 years old. I didn’t go in the attic as I wasn’t inspecting this house, just visiting a friend that had a relative pass away. I can see how that info would be helpful though!

Not necessarily, just a general inspection of underneath the floor and general inspection of the foundation for indicators before any recommendations.

Load bearing wall or column below the doorway settled or was removed.
A pocket door track rail was placed under door frame head replacing a framed doorway. Door Stops and the architraves have been removed.

Yes, because it is hard to have truss uplift on a stick framed roof assembly…

Marcel, expand the photo and you can see that it’s drywall with a jagged cut.

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That’s for sure, Jim.

I did and I could see lathe behind it and the surface is almost to rough to be drywall.
Anyways, won’t be the first time someone don’t agree, but the person there should have identified it.

I blew it up again Stephen and you are right, the wood I saw are the wood shims they used to set the frame. Awful rough drywall, but that could be the layers of paint.
My bad.