Stucco and EIFS

According to the InterNACHI SOP, an inspector shall inspect the siding and flashing, and describe the exterior wall covering.

What do you do when the house is covered with stucco?
Do you know how to inspect it? Or maybe it is EIFS. Can you tell the difference?

Don’t guess - get professionally trained.
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Any problems here?

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Exactly, Michael.

If you are an inspector and you’re not sure of what should be a concern or a could be defect at the siding or exterior wall covering (which is some type of stucco clad ??), then … are you doing your client any good?

above… four common defects that could be easily reported by a trained home inspector. Do you know what they are?

If not - there is atraining course designed specifically for InterNACHI inspectors.

I see the #2 photo on every inspection.

Should have some foundation showing at the bottom stucco termination in both those photos. The stucco will wick up moisture.

I was joking Kenton.:wink:

That’s what I told my client already.

I’m sure the course is wonderful.

We are using a NEW and AMAZING learning tool for this and all future online courses.

ZOOM and PAN features with HI-DEF pictures. (This type of tool will be used in future online courses, including the upcoming electrical training video with Paul Abernathy.)

I took hundreds of hi-definition pictures of the mock-up stucco walls used in the course. With some amazing technology developed by Chris Morrell, you can zoom-in and pan-across the hi-def pictures, and study the system and components for as long as you want.

It’s as if you were actually there in front of the stucco mock-up walls - studying the stucco systems and components. Actually it’s even better than being there, because you have UNLIMITED time and access to the online course.

To get a better understanding of this NEW and AMAZING learning technology, check out this page and scroll down to the 2nd video.

When we we have time to work with all these new video to watch?!:mrgreen:


Good point.
I threw out my TV. Don’t watch it.
No one sent me a check$ for watching re-runs of Seinfeld, so I stopped.

Here’s 3 more points about YOUR TIME:

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$299 is too steep for my blood.

“We got this depression on. I got to look out for me and mine!”

Joe, It’s worth it. I was at the class in Boulder they filmed it from. Tanke the class if you are inspecting EIFS. My recomendation is unsolicited.

What do you say when someone on the phone asks, “Do you inspect stucco?”


According to the InterNACHI SOP, an “inspector shall inspect the siding and flashing, and describe the exterior wall covering.”

** What do you do when the house has stucco?**

Call Ben the Stucco & EIFS GURU he has all the answers…

Just kidding Ben.:roll:

Where are the standards of practice for this certification? The email advertisement states that they exist but I cannot find them