Stucco Horizontal Crack

Had a 1994 home with horizontal bulging/cracking in the stucco on 3 sides of the home ranging from 4 feet to 6 feet high. The crack looked perfectly horizontal as if it matched the long side of a 4X8 piece of plywood attached horizontally to the wall instead of vertically. I’ve had different responses saying that this looks like a foundation issues or even a moisture issue. I have no idea. I just now realized someone posted this same issue In May 2007 without any luck of causation. Thanks.

Stucco cracking or bulging is never good.

What would cause something to crack?
Thermal Expansion?

I would not consider that acceptable. Describe what I see and refer it out.

Is it stucco or horribly installed Hardie textured panels?

There was a weep screed installed at the base of the wall. Stucco.

Wood framing shrinkage pushing down on the sidewall panels?

  1. Radial Shrinkage
  2. Tangential Shrinkage
  3. Longitudinal (very little shrinkage)

Or moisture expanding the sheathing :slight_smile: I do not like what I see either way. Cracks are either already there or coming soon to let water in.


Could be thermal expansion from damp product installation.
No a hard fix.

looks like the seams in the sheathing, or foam. Most likely fastner problems and movement.


Improper (or none) installation of stucco underlayment WRB, lath, and probably more.

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