2nd floor stucco cracks (wood frame)

This home is only 5 years old. Main floor CMU, hard coat, second floor wood frame. Obviously, cracks are very common on the cmu, recommendation is always just caulk and paint. I have never seen so many hairline cracks on the 2nd floor before, especially this new of home. Ready for new paint already too. Stucco did not feel loose or hollow at all. All hairline cracks, but all the rain this week makes them look worse.
Wondering how hard to write on this one, typically I just recommend caulk/paint, with an emphasis on the second floor, to prevent rusting lathe, or worse.
Stucco appeared to be thick enough, could this have been caused by stucco too wet when applied?
Would you guys just recommend painting again? Or is this a bigger issue?

I would never recommend how to fix something. as if you are wrong you could be liable.
Your job is to report the damage and recommend a professional to diagnose and repair.

its not your job to know why something is happening. as if you are wrong it could be bad for you. Just recommend a stucco contractor to evaluate.

Keep in mind there have been a bunch of lawsuits in our area between builders and HOA/homeowners, as it relates to stucco (specifically poorly and/or incorrectly installed plaster/stucco cladding on WF walls).

And this includes newer builds as well.

Many reasons why stucco would crack. Let a pro figure it out and and fix.

Yes, I am aware of that too, in relation to the thickness applied. I will mention that, Thx guys