Stucco Identification Help

Having a hard time determining what type of stucco I’m looking at here. The only penetration that wasn’t sealed that I could remove was a light fixture but the bottom of the box is cemented in so I can’t fully pull it to get a better look. Went to the attic and got more confused. Looks like cement applied directly to blue board in some areas but in another I see osb behind the foam. I know it’s a hard coat system but I can’t tell if I’m looking at two different systems or just defects or shortcuts in installation. Also, wouldn’t a one coat system still need a substrate or can it be mounted on open framing? I’m new at this so any help would be much appreciated

Hard coat!

Thanks Roy! any thoughts on three coat vs one coat? removal of exterior fixture couldn’t really reveal anything so I’m not sure how I’m supposed to determine the type without exposing an area.

Spencer, Inspector Outlet has a nice PDF Identification guide for $15.00. It may be a good resource for you, though Roy is the best resource but sometimes he is busy!

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How I would write it up.
" The exterior walls are cover with stucco." And just leave it at that.
Remember home inspectors are generalist.

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