Hard Coat Stucco on Block Concerns

Good Afternoon All,
We have concerns about this Florida home we are looking to purchase. I understand that most of the cracks (shown in photo’s) are probably minor and worst case they allowed water to get inside. The one’s we are most concerned about are above the front door where it is stucco over wire and wood. Could someone give some advice please? And yes we will be hiring a home inspector to check these issue’s out if we make an offer. Thank you for your advice!

I think Meeker installed that stucco…

Make sure whoever you hire is EIFS Certified.

Why?, it’s hard coat stucco, mostly on CMU walls.

That’s stucco not EIFS.

Pay no attention to the person from Illinois as he constantly proves himself to be incompetent, and if he continues to post, he will also make it obvious that he has a mental deficiency.

Here is some information on EIFS.

Do I Have Stucco or EIFS?

Hey Mo,
Read the thread title: **Hard Coat Stucco on Block Concerns
It’s hard.
Just like Mo likes it.

So to clarify it is stucco on Block (Florida Home and typically the only way they do it down here). Can someone give some preliminary advice as to how serious of a problem there may be with the stucco over wood, paper and wire. If you look closely at one picture you can see that it appears to have bulged out. Also the picture with the rust stain running down by the front door appears to be where water has gotten behind the stucco and is rusting the wire lath behind and coming out of a pin hole and running down. Thank you any and all help/advice. Anyone who could point out a qualified inspector for this type of issue in Central Florida would be appreciated.

google edi or awci stucco inspector
either site has certified inspectors
certification means absolutely nothing
carefully vet your inspector(s)

Contact NACHI member Mike Meeker.
He is a former stucco contractor.

Alexander, in most cases the stucco needs to properly sealed to prevent the issues you are having. It appears that water has penetrated the stucco, which proper caulking and painting could have prevented. The bulging stucco is separating from the wood and will need to be cut out and redone. It looks as the house needed to be painted years ago.

It’s a sad case of deferred maintenance. Caulking and paint would have prevented this.

Alex, I’ve built a multitude of homes in Florida ranging from piling homes, custom residential CMU and wood frame and everything in between. Contact me through my website and I will give you some honest advice on what you are encountering, By the way, I’m a certified building contractor in Florida and California.


I agree with John and Frank. I don’t know where in Florida this home is located, but I service the Marion, Alachua, and Levy county area. I have a professional engineer who can look at the structure to help determine the extent of the structural damage. Also, we utilize Infrared and moisture meters.

I have yet to inspect a Florida CBS home where some sort of shrinkage cracking isn’t present. Stucco is a very tricky substance to mix, and if it’s installed too wet or even too dry it’s going to end up with some cracks. Also, with slab-on-grade foundations being the norm, even slight settling will cause some minor stucco cracks. When I see cracks around windows or doors like in the photos, it’s usually due to improper drainage from the roof because there is no gutter system installed. There is a minimal eave overhang, or no eave at all, and water just runs from the roof right down the side of the house. Not only does this allow water to intrude around windows, but it also allows the water to pool near the foundation. A gutter system and downspout extensions will help tremendously with both of these problems.